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19th October 2015 | Janet Cole

We are looking for a great administrator who can be the glue that holds our small but amazing organisation – and all its components – together; ensuring it operates efficiently and effectively. The role is 24 hours per week.

The Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre was established in 1998, and is based on the North Shore, in Birkenhead. An independent non-profit, our vision and work is geared towards achieving a totally sustainable Auckland.

A major component of this role is to provide admin support to our composting programme – the Compost Collective. The goal is to directly reach 3,000 people and sell 6,000 composting systems. This role supports the sales process, course logisitics and communication with our funder, partner and tutors. A knowledge of and interest in composting would be desirable, or a definite enthusiasm to learn about the subject.

We’re all about people, and you’ll often be the first and main point of contact; creating a positive impression for those we interact with. A warm welcome and calm, professional demeanor are crucial, as well as the ability to be comfortable communicating and assisting different personalities, and building relationships. We have a large number of volunteers, who we highly value and this role is often the first point of contact for them.

We are an industrious little organisation, with fluctuating activity levels, so you’ll need to be able to prioritise and manage your own workload to a certain extent. The main challenge in this role is balancing the ongoing communication and administrative needs, with key tasks that require a more intensive focus.

In March 2016, we will be carrying out a review of our staff roles; whilst we fully expect that there will be a need within the organisation for an ongoing admin type role past this point, we cannot give a firm guarantee of how the role will change or develop during this stage.

To learn more about us check out our Facebook page and explore this website. For more info email [email protected]

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How to Apply

The deadline for applications is 5pm Monday 26 October 2015.

Please email a CV and cover letter to [email protected].female stitchbird

Kaipatiki Project is able to operate due to the generosity of our funders and supporters

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