Moving On…so we have a vacancy for a new General Manager

21st October 2015 | Nicky Davis

A message from Hamish Hopkinson, who will shortly be leaving Kaipatiki Project after almost seven years as Manager.IMG_2392

I have enjoyed my time with Kaipatiki Project and have had the privilege of working with a lot of great staff and volunteers and a myriad of great stakeholders. Thank you for your support to both myself and to Kaipatiki Project.

We have come a long way, yet our best years are still in front of us. On our website I joke that my job is to ‘take the credit for everyone’s work’. It’s actually not a joke. I have been really fortunate to be in this role and to hear and receive the kudos for our collective work.

I just want to encourage you all to keep up the good fight for the environmental sustainability, for community development and social justice. What we are doing is really important work.

I have done my time – 6.75 years – and now it is the turn of someone with fresh energy and vision. At my last planting day, as I minded the BBQ again, I realised I have cooked in the vicinity of 2,000 sausages. I think that is enough!?! The organisation has some seriously exciting projects on the go and I will watch from afar as they come to life.

If you know of anyone great who might be interested in leading a growing, dynamic and a sexy green organisation…then please make them aware of the vacancy.

General Manager – up to 40 hours/week

Kaipatiki Project is able to operate due to the generosity of our funders and supporters

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