Nature’s flightpath at Hobsonville Point

8th September 2016 | Nicky Davis

One of the main aims of our restoration activities at Hobsonville Point is to replace the roar of vintage aeroplane engines with the beating of feathered wings and the calls of native birds.

Our restoration manager Derek Craig explains “This area is one of the most important native forest remnants in Auckland. The Hobsonville Point coastal forest is the central stepping stone of native bush blocks that link Tiritiri Matangi in the north to Ark in the Park in the west. Together these blocks form the North-West Wildlife Link that brings together the work of DoC, Auckland Council and community groups from across Auckland.

The increased habitat and shelter we are creating allows native birds to move across Auckland safely as they move out of the wildlife sanctuaries looking for food and new places to live. With the increasing housing development going on in Hobsonville and Whenuapai this precious coastal forest is even more important for the long term wellbeing of Auckland’s local native fauna. So by planting up the coastal forest with new and existing species of plants we will be providing year-round food for native insects, lizards and birds and a safe diverse place for them to live in.”

This winter our volunteer team at the Engine Bay nursery have joined forces with local families, new residents, community and corporate groups to plant a massive 4,000 new native plants along the coastal walkway between the nursery and the landing.

Coastal Walkway Hobs planters

1,138 trees   Engine Bay nursery volunteers

800 trees     Community planting day – 9 July

780 trees     Chinese Conservation Education Trust – 20 August

767 trees     Hobsonville Land Company, Jalcon Homes, AV Jennings, Ockham Residential, Panuku & Kaipatiki Project staff – 30 August

470 trees     BNZ Closed For Good – 31 August

Kaipatiki Project is able to operate due to the generosity of our funders and supporters

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