Speak up for the environment

6th March 2018 | Anna Halliwell

This March, we have a unique opportunity to tell Council to put the environment first.

Auckland Council is consulting on their Long Term Plan (2018-2028), their Waste Management and Minimisation Plan and their Regional Pest Management Plan.

The question is this: now the Regional Transport Levy is coming off, do we want a targeted rate of a few dollars a month to dramatically increase the quality of our Auckland environment – our waterways, our Kauri and our forests and to reduce waste to landfill and better reuse our waste. These funds will be transformational for our city and tagged to these specific environmental outcomes. This is a rare chance to tell Council clearly the environment is not just a ‘nice to have’ – we need a healthy environment front and centre for our families and our future.

Making a submission is easy. Keep your answers concise, be passionate and put the environment first.

Let’s help give our environment a strong voice at  Council. To find out more and submit, go to akhaveyoursay.nz and follow our Facebook page for more ideas and info.

More information and support will be available at EcoDay on March 24.


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