3K’s – Kvass, Kombucha & Kefir – Sept 2018

Learning the art of the 3 K's - 9 September

2018 Course Dates
9 Sep 3K’s - Kvass, Kombucha & Kefir course (click here to book) 2pm - 4pm
COST: $60

Learning the art of successfully keeping a healthy Kombucha Scoby is the very beginning of a life-transforming attitude towards a healthy gut. In this in-depth class, you will learn how to make these delicious and nutritious foods.

Venue: Kaipatiki Environment Centre, 17 Lauderdale Road, Birkdale 0626

Time: 2 – 4pm

Tutor: Julie Craig
Julie is a tutor, author and columnist who is passionate about living sustainably in Auckland’s urban environment. A horticulturally trained, historic food practitioner, Julie is the Wild Crafter that weaves together the classes for the Oak and Thistle team. Specialising in teaching food initiatives, brewing, foraging, making medicine and household products, Julie is passionate about fostering strong communities through bartering, sharing and teaching.