Iwi – Hapu and Community Native Plant Nurseries Hui

Share information, learn something new and connect with other nurseries

We are looking for Iwi – Hapu and Community Native Plant Nurseries in the Auckland Region

We are currently undertaking research into who is growing which species, where and for what purpose. We want to know what help people need in growing plants for their projects.

If you run, work in or want to set up a Native plant nursery in the Auckland Region please let us know what you do or would like to do.

If you are an individual person (not a formed organization) this is for you also.

We have been visiting nurseries in the region and so far our research show people would like support with ‘how to’ grow knowledge how to get started and how better we can support each other…

Share your story and find out together how we can better support a network of Iwi and Community nurseries.