25 Feb – Permaculture

Experience permaculture in action

2017 Course Dates
25 Feb Brainstorm Your Permaculture Design (click here to book) Sat 9am-4.30pm
26 Feb Brainstorm Your Permaculture Field Visits (click here to book)
18 Mar Fermentation: vegetables & dairy (click here to book) Sat 9am-4pm
COST: Prices vary

Brainstorm Your Permaculture Design (Matakana)
Bring your property to life with beautiful and functional edible ecosystem design

Full one-day course (and optional day of study visits 26 February) with Trish Allen and James Andrews.

Saturday 25 February 2017, 9 am – 4.30 pm (one hour lunch break)

$85, includes morning and afternoon tea

Where: Matakana Village Hall Meeting Room, 43 Matakana Valley Road

Starting a garden/orchard or edible landscape? Started already and feel stuck? Need some re-inspiration and guidance?

In this one day course we invite participants to bring along a plan of their site or potential site. We will start with the permaculture principles and then look at the foundations of the design process: the context for your situation and your aspirations for your life on your property, the land itself, its features, its feeling, the forces acting on it – letting patterns of use emerge.

Then, working in groups we will brainstorm each other’s site plans, using each other as sounding boards to problem solve and get a fresh perspective.

The more information you can bring with you to the course (site plan of your land, contour map, clarity around your aspirations) the more you will get out of it. If you don’t have your own site, there is still much to learn working in a group brainstorming other peoples’ sites.

Brainstorm Your Permaculture Design – Field Visits

Visit properties in the Matakana region to see how others have brought their properties to life with beautiful and functional edible landscape design. Some of the properties at the beginning stage whilst others are well-established. You will travel in your own vehicle (or carpool!), details and directions will be issued before the event.

Participants do not need to have completed the previous day’s Brainstorm class although priority will be given to those who have.

Sunday 26 February 2017 – all day (schedule will be advised)

$60 per person (covers a koha to the owners of each property).

Fermentation: Vegetables & Dairy

In this practical workshop you will learn the principles of making food in your own kitchen. Tutors Trish Allen & Marianna van Ginkel will demonstrate how to make classic sauerkraut and other vegetable ferments. See and taste the possibilities and get inspired! Get your head around the magic of SCOBYs (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) like kombucha and grains for Kefir and take some starters home. They’ll also be showing how to make simple and tasty traditional cheeses.

Saturday 18 March 2017, 9am – 4pm

$80, includes morning and afternoon tea

Where: Matakana Village Hall Meeting Room, 43 Matakana Valley Road

About the tutors:

trish-allenTrish Allen has been a practicing permaculturist for over 30 years. Trish and her late husband Joe Polaischer co-founded Rainbow Valley Farm, an organic farm and permaculture education centre in Matakana where they ran farm tours and permaculture-related courses including PDCs for 23 years. After Joe’s death Trish moved to the village where she has established a new eco-home and garden. Trish teaches permaculture, composting, soils and waste minimisation and is also involved in her local community garden.

james-andrewsJames Andrews is a co-founder of HolisticDecisionMaking.org.nz, and Thrive Permaculture. Following a bachelor’s Degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Lincoln University, he spent several years working (and playing!) in the mountains as a glacier guide and snowboard instructor. He then worked for the Department of Conservation in the Southern Alps and on offshore Islands. Exploring life through a Permaculture lens, James has gardened at home, developed a market garden, launched a sourdough bread business, worked as a polytech tutor in horticulture and rural sustainability, run workshops on permaculture, gardening, seed saving, nutrition, pruning and orchard design, taught on PDC’s and helped to establish a compost toilet business. He established Thrive Permaculture as a professional permaculture design service in 2015 and lives with his wife and two young kids near Mangawhai in Northland.

Marianna van Ginkel has been enjoying making fermented foods for 15 years, and is regularly grateful for the unseen work of the beneficial micro-organisms in her kitchen!