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The Fair on all Fronts Award is for an innovative community or social enterprise that is converting waste into resources and improving social, environmental and local economic outcomes.




  • The Re Creators:

The Re Creators are a Social Enterprise upcycling waste into resources. They are a diverse and talented group of artists promoting creativity, mindful making, and sustainability. They offer various upcycling workshops for children, adults and corporates, as well as an online store where you can purchase products custom-made from upcycled materials.

  • Conscious Kids:

Conscious Kids offer innovative programmes, which educate children around zero waste concepts through hands-on engaging programmes such as Junky Monkeys and Tinkering Kids. Tinkering is another word for good old-fashioned ‘mucking around’ with tools to construct and de-construct with a variety of waste items otherwise destined for landfill. With an emphasis on experimentation and learning from failures, children explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) concepts, learning about sustainability and caring for the planet along the way.



  • Zero Waste Belmont:

Zero Waste Belmont is a community-driven initiative that is working towards Belmont becoming a Zero Waste Community. Passionate residents concerned about the amount of waste in their community, especially plastic waste, are driving the initiative. Zero Waste Belmont want a clean and safe local environment, a vibrant and connected community free from litter. They work with other locals and businesses to minimise waste, reduce consumption, support reuse whenever possible and maximise recycling.

  • Grow Space:

Morningside Urban Market Garden MUMG is a social enterprise project within the Grow Space based in Morningside. They have partnered with the Food Waste Fairy (Leilani Tamu) to create a regenerative localised food system, which provides jobs to former refugee and migrant women (the gardeners), food for local cafes (reducing packaging waste). In November 2018 MUMG began transforming old bowling greens into a lush urban market garden. They have created the foundation for a business model that teaches and shares skills and profits as it grows produce for market.

  • Kai Conscious Café:

Since September 2018 the Kai Conscious Cafe has diverted 10751.27 kgs of food from landfill by encouraging ten local Waiheke businesses’ to donate food items that would normally be sent to landfill.

The Kai Conscious team developed relationships with these businesses and that included Waiheke Countdown, the largest food retailer of the island, and supported them to make changes to reduce

waste to landfill. Not only did this provide donations of food for the cafe many of the businesses review their systems to reduce the amount of avoidable waste they were creating in the first place.

The cafe has developed into a community event that provides an opportunity for social interaction, participation, learning, and support for a highly diverse range of people that live on Waiheke or may only be visiting for a while.

  • Jesus Revival:

They are doing great work with the materials coming into the warehouse from the inorganic collection, repairing and distributing them to those in need and that often without charge.




  • Again again:

Again again has introduced a reusable cup lending service to Auckland after launching successfully in Wellington which enables coffee drinkers to use reusable takeaway cups without having to remember to bring their own. Their network is now estimated to be diverting 50,000 takeaway cups from landfill every month and their network is growing all the time.

Runner up – Zero Waste Belmont


Winner – Kai Conscious Café