When Thu, 18 July

 For an individual that has gone above and beyond demonstrating their passion, knowledge, encouragement and empowerment for zero waste in their community.




  • Ina Patisolo

Ina is a people weaver who is all about connections and has a heart of gold. She is really focused on getting people interested in sustainability through the arts and creativity.

Ina ran the reusable bags campaign at Wesley markets and has engaged community in waste minimisation through Whau arts programmes. Ina has set up a bag library at Wesley market for shoppers now that the plastic bag ban is in place. The market now uses pillowcases and used curtains for customers collecting produce. All the textiles used to make the bags have been repurposed. Thanks to Ina there’s no more plastic bags at Wesley markets!


  • Kate meads

Kate Meads provides quality education on waste free living in New Zealand, running workshops that cover everything from takeaway coffee cups to cloth nappies. She makes a point of not being perfect, and delivers content in a humorous, relatable way regardless of where her audience is on their waste free journey.



  • Trish Allen

Trish Allen she has trial blazed zero waste since the 1990’s and over the last three years actively advocated for and bought the local community along on the journey advocating for a community recycling centre in Walkworth and Wellsford. Trish is determined and focused in her vision; always finding ways to build networks, influence people, and bounces back from setbacks. She is the key mover and shaker for Zero Waste in the North has played a key role in getting community feedback and support for Auckland Council’s first Waste Management and Minimisation Plan; ran zero waste workshops back in the 1990’s (before zero waste was on most people’s radar), and is a founding member of Mahurangi Wastebusters.




  • Ger (Geraldine) Tew

Ger’s unlimited enthusiasm and commitment to upcycling is what nominates her for this award.

Ger has created a website for upcyclers and runs workshops and markets to support them and their products. Her workshops enable a practical and fun way for people and communities to engage in zero waste concepts. Ger is also passionate about makers spaces and freely gives her time to encouraging and enabling this concept.


  • Louise Allnutt

Louise set up the Torbay Food Stall where people (and businesses) can take food they don’t need to others who need it. Louise has coordinated the local New World, vege shop and locals to provide produce for the stall. Families in the area who would normally go without fruit and vegetables, now have a community-based, free alternative. Businesses who would normally throw away unsold product, can now give back to their communities by giving it to the stall.



  • Tara Moala

Tara is a community focussed wahine working in waste minimisation, suicide prevention, youth empowerment, and women’s empowerment. She has poured her passion and energy into Hub Zero, which aims to build up Waste Based Social Enterprises in Central-East Auckland, and has maintained an enduring commitment through ups and downs. Tara also founded Rakau Tautoko, an Auckland-based social enterprise undertaking community-related projects, community research and development advice, facilitation and leadership.

  • Susanne Cooke

Susan organises events among students to work towards zero waste. She coordinated the NZIE garage sail, where people bring items they want to sell, swap or trade. Susanne has also played a pivotal role in the first ever NZIE International Food Festival on Wednesday 5th June 2019, to decrease people buying takeaway food.


  • Kirsty Lorson

Kirsty walks the talk and has offered guidance and platforms for people wanting to begin or continue their zero waste journey. She has set up Zero Waste NZ, a Facebook group that is a community for likeminded people where they can get advice and ideas but most of all support.

She also runs Earthsavvy an online company supplying zero waste enabling products.

The runner up – Tara Moala

Winner – Trish Allen