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Penny Hulse

Councillor Penny Hulse represents the Waitākere Ward on the Auckland Council and is Chair of the Environment and Community Committee. Penny brings 27 years of local government experience to the role.

Penny has been a Zero Waste Champion from the very beginning of her political career. The issue that kickstarted her political career was her involvement in a local neighbourhood protest, opposing council actions at a local balefill site in the early 1990s. The success of her advocacy became the catalyst, which launched Penny’s political career.

In the wake of the action over the Swanson balefill site, she was elected to the Waitākere Community Board in 1992 before being elected Chair of the Board in 1994.

Right from the outset, Penny was a strong supporter of the sustainability goal of the Council and Agenda 21, including its approach to minimising waste, water and energy. In 1995 she was elected as a Waitākere City Councillor and as a Trustee of the Waitakere Licensing Trust. Since then she has served as chair on a range of committees including Healthy City, Environmental Management, City Development, and Community & Public Health. She was Deputy Mayor of Waitākere City from 2007 to 2010 serving with Sir Bob Harvey.

Following amalgamation, she then served two terms as Deputy Mayor to Len Brown and successfully led the Unitary Plan process. As Deputy Mayor of the new Auckland Council, Penny helped champion its first Solid Waste Plan, and strongly supported the aim of Zero Waste as its overall goal.

She has been instrumental in helping build the West and understands the area and people well. Penny has strong links with her community and cares passionately about the Auckland region. She served two terms on the Waitemata District Health Board, is currently a Director of West Auckland Trust Services and an elected member of the Waitakere Licensing Trust. Penny’s special areas of interest are Zero Waste, Climate Change, Sustainable City Development, Environmental Advocacy, Community Development and Youth Empowerment. She is also a big supporter of arts and culture.

Her other community involvement includes Community Waitākere Charitable Trust, West Auckland Riding for the Disabled, The Waitākere Brass Band, Trustee of Swanson Railway Station Trust, Waitākere Anti Violence Essential Services, and former Director of EECA Board.

On a personal level, she practises what she preaches, supporting a way of living that models a reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy. Penny is a keen cyclist and has been commuting to the CBD from Te Atatu Peninsula by electric bike since the opening of the Nelson Street Cycleway in December 2015.