TE MOANA NUI A KIWA Cultural Diversity

When Thu, 18 July

Te Moana Nui a Kiwa Diversity Award is for activators using their cultural teachings to educate, inspire and manāki their community.




  • Agnes Granada

Granada is the founder of Earth Action Trust and a self-appointed Basurera (female garbage collector in her native language of Tagalog). Granada is a trailblazer and well-respected leader in migrant and refugee communities who has been an outstanding champion to address the environmental issues and take actions to work with diverse communities to promote zero waste.

With Granada’s support, the trust has run a number of successful “sort your waste from source” workshops, teaching waste minimisation, while supporting new comers. Granada has proactively collaborated with zero waste networks and activities, such as the native tree nursery (part of the Oakley Creek Storm Water Project) and the Puketapapa Education, Transition and Employment Readiness (P.E.T.E.R.) Project.

  • CNSST Foundation

The CNSST Foundation (CNSST) offers comprehensive services and support to the New Zealand community and Asian new settlers including: new migrants settlement orientation and support, educational and work programmes, and social housing projects. Through various projects and collaboration, CNSST has made great efforts in terms of environment conservation such as

The implementation of the Home Gardening Project with over 500 participants involved. The Bags Not Campaign, which engaged 100 migrant businesses. A Youth Waste Minimisation Project, which engaged 50 youth aged 10 to 15. Establishment of the Waste Minimisation Fund with more than 300 people involved, and the running the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign in the Chinese Community in partnership with Waste MINZ.

Runner up – CNSST Foundation

Winner – Agnes Granada