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Grounding for the soul

Grounding Exercise for Embodying Your Energy. I am delighted to share my Grounding Exercise which I started with everyone at the recent Shamanic Journey on the opening day of the Ecofest North at Kaipātiki Project. This is a very potent exercise to practise, it's simple and immediate, bringing all of your energy back into your body and Being. Just to clarify, we are born sensory beings, therefore, we are naturally sensitive because we are naturally "connected to everything", not just other people but all living matter, including trees, animals, rocks, the elements etc.

Therefore, if you start from a place of being Grounded, you will feel more "connected" to your Being (your soul and spirit). You will still sense the energy around you, but more importantly, you will be less likely to take on another's energy as you will be able to discern what is yours and what is theirs. I invite you to experience this simple exercise for yourself and feel the difference afterwards. If you felt a profound difference, then you will understand why you are so sensitive, anxious, fearful, etc because of your un-groundedness. Grounding simply helps you to stay centred so that you can make focused choices and decisions based on "what feels right for you". Please see the link for more details about what Grounding means, and a link to my SoundCloud recording to experience the Grounding Exercise. Feel the Difference! Keep Grounding and Stay Beautiful.

Alyse Young


 Shamanic Journey