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Althea – Marshmallow Fairy

One day, a long time ago, before man took over the world the plants lived in harmony with each other and the animals of the wild.

Mother Earth was proud of her children. She rewarded them by giving each one a special power. Yarrow, Plantain and Shepherd’s Purse were given the power to stop bleeding. Marshmallow bestow gifts of beauty was given the gift to treat coughs, bronchitis also digestive and bladder ailments. Did you know that the marshmallows you buy in shop were originally made with the root of a marshmallow plant? That is because sweet candy was an easy way to help sooth children’s cough and sore throats. The ancient Egyptians first made marshmallow lozenges for their children over 3000 years ago


Althea is one of most beautiful Fairies attending Herb Fairies Academy. Her colourful flower dress is admired in gardens almost all over the world. She is also very happy member of joyous Mallow family. All her sisters are as well beautiful as she is ; Hibiscus, Hollyhock and Cotton plants all belong to the same loving family.

Please colour picture below using lives and petals of real plants. On the picture below althea hair is coloured with Mexican Marigold flowers, her wings with grapes lives and dress Hollyhock petals from my garden What about to try different colours available in your garden?

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All parts of Marshmallow and Hollyhock plants are eatable. Her flowers are rich in minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron) and vitamins (A, C, several B’s) . Your family and friends will be very grateful for tea you will serve them. With all the minerals and vitamins this tea is very soothing to the body

Tea recipe ;

Ingredients ;

Hand full of dried or fresh Marshmallow flowers and young lives chopped fine.

- Boiling water

- A half a litter tea pot

Por hot water over herbs in tea pot letting them steep for 15-20 minutes. You can add teaspoon of honey for sweetening purpose.

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Eva Scherer



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