A collection of leaves.

Create and become eco-friendly. The shops have spoilt us. Everything is ready there, everything is attractive, everything is packed. It seems like we are glad to stop consuming, but the modern world constantly encourages us to keep going. How to get out of this circle? The main idea is to use not only the purchased items but also the packaging. The more we pay attention to the packaging, the more selective we are in shopping. After all, if you increase consumption, you will end up busy thinking about how to reuse packing 24/7. During the workshop, you will learn some zero waste tips and will create Easter decoration from the non-recyclable stuff. It’s pretty easy to make your holidays and life waste-free. True happiness is not in consumption but in creation.

To join the workshop use the information here: 

Zoom ID: 126 701 563, Password: 1234

To bring:

scissors; unwanted cardboard; egg tray, eggshells, some plants samples for decoration, and any other non-recyclable which you want to utilise and play with. 

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