Introduction to Doughnut Economics
James Watson is the chair of Doughnut Economics Advocates New Zealand (DEANZ). He will give a presentation and talk about the philosophy of Doughnut Economics, an economic model for the 21st century and about the work DEANZ is doing to stop environmental degradation.
Cost: FREE
Ecofest north21 event Doughnut Economics
About Doughnut Economics Advocates NZ

Doughnut Economics Advocates New Zealand (DEANZ) is an advocacy group for people who are concerned about the threat to the ecological balance presented by climate change and environmental degradation, and the threat to the social balance presented by the relentless pursuit of GDP growth. DEANZ members are committed to work towards a sustainable ecological and cultural future by putting into action the concept of Doughnut Economics. Our goal is to encourage attitude and behavioural change from a growth-led to a sustainability-led economy through effective communication and education.

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