Paddock to Plate
The Antara Retreat is a beautiful earth brick homestay, inland from Pakiri Beach, set amongst organic gardens, orchards and native bush. It provides regenerating experiences in a beautiful and harmonious natural setting. The retreat is free to attend, run by those staying and part of the gifting economy.
After a 5 years pause, the food gardens have been rejuvenated and extended.
"Paddock to plate" will present the first 4 months of this journey, sometimes going from kikuyu paddock to fully productive gardens, using organic, Biodynamic, Permaculture regenerative practices, and mainly hand tools. This will be of interest to those who want to start a garden from scratch at minimal cost, and in partnership with the forces of nature.
The optional square meter paddock digging challenge will be offered to keen participants.
1.30 pm: Arrival and welcome
2 pm: General presentation of Antara
2.15: Orientation walk
2.30: Garden from scratch
2.45: Natural fertilizers: compost piles, compost teas, etc...
3pm: Refreshments
3.15: A word on weeds
3.30: Digging challenge
3.45 Questions and conclusion
To register mail to:
Cost: Free
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The Antara Retreat