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Zero Waste Resources


Courses & Workshops

FREE Composting Workshops

With help of a team of keen composting tutors, Compost Collective offer FREE home composting courses about worm farming, bokashi buckets & traditional composting bins. Click here to find a course near you.

Composting Hubs

Hobsonville Community Compost Hub

If you don't have space to compost at home but would still like to compost your food scraps, then join a compost hub here.

Online Resources & Interesting Reading

  • Check out this useful diagram of how to reduce waste and grow community.
  • Read how Patagonia, a successful clothing company rejects consumerism.
  • Honest self-reflection on waste by Ethique, a shampoo bar company that was established to reduce waste.

Recycling Centresrecycling

Community Recycling Centres

Reduce waste to landfill by reusing, re-purposing and recycling as much as possible. Click here to find a centre near you.

Bayview Community Centre

The centre recycles many smaller items, such as household batteries, tooth paste, razor blades and more. Check out a list of things you can recycle there.

Polystyrene Waste Collection Points

The Household Polystyrene Recycling Programme is available at selected hardware stores nationwide. Click here to find one near you.