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Courses & Workshops

FREE Composting Workshops

With help of a team of keen composting tutors, Compost Collective offer FREE home composting courses about worm farming, bokashi buckets & traditional composting bins. Click here to find a course near you.

Creative Upcycling Workshops

Re-Creators run regular workshops suitable for families and kids. Learn how to upcycle and be creative through hands-on and fun approach.

Composting Hubs

If you don't have space to compost at home but would still like to compost your food scraps, then join a community compost hub near you:

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How to recycle

  • Recycling made easy checklist
  • Construction & Demolition: 'How to' videos by Zero Waste Network Aotearoa
  • Clean soft plastics (plastic that can be squashed in your hand): use bins at many supermarkets. The plastic is recycled in New Zealand and made into fence posts.
  • Clothes: there are clothing bins all around the North Shore but if the clothing still has good life in it donate it to a charity shop or to Save Mart in Northcote to make sure it doesn’t end up in the landfill.
  • Large items: book an inorganic rubbish collection via Auckland Council. Any items which still have life in them are collected separately and donated to community groups or sold at a discount.

Where to recycle