Need help designing a native plant area?

School planting programme

If you are wishing to revegetate areas on your school grounds we have a restoration expert and landscape designer who can revegetate for attracting birds, skinks and butterflies as well as to stabilise banks, block the wind and create beautiful gardens and backdrops.

This service includes:

  • a visit to your school to assess your site
  • plans showing your site and where to place the plants
  • a list of appropriate plants
  • low cost ecosourced native plants from our native plant nursery
  • ongoing advice and support

Please note:

– we charge for this service (around a few hundred dollars) plus the cost of any plants purchased through us.

– we can provide staff and tools to help the students plant the trees if required.

– maintenance of the plants is the responsibility of the school and is the main ongoing challenge for your project to succeed. We can provide some advice on this.

– the main planting season is late May through to early September. Ideally you should organise your programme around this timeframe.

We have worked with a number of schools to help them enhance their school grounds and are keen to work with more schools across Auckland.