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EcoFest 1While serving our place in the Kaipātiki community, we are committed to sharing our skills and understanding among the community of practitioners to sustain each other while reviving nature. We believe that knowledge and skills to bring our vision to life lie with many people and so we create opportunities for sharing and exchange to take place.

Please fill in a survey to help us better understand your needs and how we can help.

We are undertaking two projects to help develop a two-year strategy and activities for connecting and supporting the needs of community groups in Auckland's North.


Restoration project

The first stage of this project is to survey co-ordinators of community-based restoration groups in order to identify their challenges and what support is needed.

The purpose of this survey is to identify what their needs are and then to connect them with community networks, groups or people that can help.

There are a number of well-established community-based Networks in North Auckland that are able to offer support to new, developing or small community groups. This support ranges from providing expertise, providing traps and tools, help with funding applications, help attracting volunteers, courses on restoration leadership or ecology and biodiversity, SM communications, writing plans, connecting with other groups, engaging with community and more.

At the Enviro Hui North in May 2019, a large number of people asked if they could be connected with Networks and with other community groups. This survey is the result of that Call to Action for community-led collaboration.

For the purposes of this survey the following definitions are used:

  • Groups are community groups undertaking restoration activity focused on an area such as a community, a park, a reserve or a catchment.
  • A co-ordinator is a leader, facilitator or project manager that looks after a group. A co-ordinator may be paid or unpaid.
  • A network is a formal or informal collaboration of groups that meet on a regular basis and have a focus on an area (e.g. a Local Board area) or on a common purpose (e.g. predator control).

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Living Lightly project

Are you interested in knowing how to be involved in taking action in the community to help reduce  carbon emissions and limit the impacts of climate change. Everyday choices and actions around what you buy, how you eat, what you grow, how you travel, how you use electricity and how you advocate and share your stories can all make a difference! Check out Live Lightly for more information on what, how and why you might like to be involved or use Future Fit to measure you carbon footprint and be inspired to take action. 

As brokers, we would love to support all that you do in any way that can help you – we can connect you to other like-minded people, or groups, arrange skill or capacity building events and advise on funding, resource sharing and empowerment.

In order to ensure we provide what is required, we would love to know what your needs are, so please click here fill in the survey. The information gained from this will help to formulate a project that is sustainable in its support and commitment to a community of people working together for a better, climate ready future. 

To undertake a survey please click here.

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