Eco-Art Workshop Drawing and Lithography
A rare opportunity and a new creative course that helps you get to know the Eskdale Reserve by learning about important trees, making tree rubbings, and turning them into fine art prints to take home.

What you will learn:
- Local ecology
- Practice a new drawing technique, such as frottage
- Introduction to lithography printing

Tactile drawing methods, such as frottage (aka rubbings), can help individuals without art training to physically learn from and engage with the environment through exciting art-making processes. The transfer of drawings to the stone and subsequent printing process will be guided by Auckland Print Studio’s experts in their workshop (based at Unitec), providing a rare opportunity for non-arts trained individuals to engage with an intriguing fine art printing process led by expert printmakers.

The price includes two days of workshop. Below are two streams of workshops and please only register to one 2-day workshop.
Cost: $120
Eco-Art Workshop Drawing and Lithography Printing
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This unique project will involve an alliance with Laura Donkers (Environmental artist), Kaipātiki Project Envirohub and Auckland Print Studio, to develop a public engagement workshop that expands creative, ecological awareness through hands-on ecological restoration activity and an introduction to the stone lithography printing process.

Ecological education is used as a method to develop awareness and understanding of (a) local ecosystems, (b) the need for ecological restoration, and (c) how local communities can get involved with groups who are addressing environmental issues in their area. Artistic processes can help to develop knowledge and understanding.

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