Fermented Foods Workshop
Learn the ancient art of making Sauerkraut, a nutrient-rich food packed with minerals and probiotics with our food specialist, Julie Craig who will show you the process for Improving your Immunity and Gut Health and reducing inflammation in your body.
Enjoy how easy it is to include all this delicious fermented recipe in your kitchen schedule and delight your taste buds by introducing Sauerkraut into your diet
All participants will be taking home sauerkraut – so bring a jar with a screw-on lid, a chopping board and a knife.

Registrations close on 25 June.
Cost: $65
Fermented foods workshop
Tutor: Julie Craig

Julie is a tutor, author and columnist who is passionate about living sustainably in Auckland’s urban environment. A horticulturally trained, historic food practitioner, Julie is the Wild Crafter that weaves together the classes for the Oak and Thistle team. Specialising in teaching food initiatives, brewing, foraging, making medicine and household products, Julie is passionate about fostering strong communities through bartering, sharing and teaching.