'Gift a Tree' Planting Day

All are welcome to join us for this festive day, where we plant a gifted forest.

We are grateful to everyone who gifted a tree in the last year as part of our “Gift a Tree” campaign. We warmly welcome everyone involved to join us in planting a gifted forest at Eskdale Reserve.

Please note: Public tickets to this event are fully booked. If you gifted or received a tree through Kaipātiki Project in the last year, you will have received an email with a link to the private ticket booking page. Please use that link if you haven't yet, and you still want to sign up.


Cost: Free
About the initiative

Tree gifting is one of the most sustainable gifting options that there is. It is zero waste, it restores native ecosystems and it captures carbon for hundreds of years. When you gift a tree with us, you get the added benefit of gifting a 'tree planting experience' too.


All year, we appeal to people to gift trees to their loved ones instead of more stuff. Our gift a tree campaigns run year-round. In the last year have seen over 200 trees gifted to loved ones, friends and colleagues through our gift-a-tree campaigns. Every planting season, tree givers and receivers are invited to a special tree planting day. If you would like to join the sustainable-gifting movement, gift trees that will capture carbon for hundreds of years, and share a tree planting experience with your loved one, visit this page to learn more.