Organic Pest Control - CANCELLED
By focusing on the health of our plants, we can increase the level of resistance they have against pests and diseases. Physical barriers will be demonstrated for protecting young seedlings, recipes shared for effective biological controls, plus a beneficial species list to attract predatory insects. Common pests and diseases will be covered.
Registrations close on 21 August.
Cost: $40
Tutor: Judy Keats

Judy Keats is a permaculturist, organic systems educator, and community garden mentor and advisor, with more than 8 years of experience establishing, coordinating, and teaching in community gardens across Auckland.

Judy is passionate about wellbeing and caring for the environment in which we dwell. The health of our garden is the key to successful growing and optimal yields. She believes that by observing our plants and our changing climate, we gain a closer connection to potential outcomes, which in turn leads to knowledge, and mastering resilience.

This event is part of Conservation Week 2020 - 

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