Stout Trust – Community Planting Day
We are pleased to host our next community planting day, supported kindly by The Stout Trust, proudly managed by Perpetual Guardian. Eskdale Reserve Network sits at the heart of how Kaipātiki Project has come to be. The reserve combined at 74 hectares, is one of the most unique urban forest eco systems and the largest urban forest in the Tāmaki ecological area. Eskdale Reserve has recently been reclassified as a “Significant Ecological Area” under the Auckland Council Unitary Plan. Forming part of the North-West Wildlink, it provides large areas of continuous urban native vegetation. The network encompasses depleted Kauri podsols on the ridgeline through broadleaf/podocarp forest, down to saltwater edge plants, including one of the few remaining swamps in Auckland containing Swamp Maire (Myrtle family) a rarity and treasured species threatened by Myrtle Rust. Join us to regenerate and lift the mauri of our beautiful urban reserve through our planting this season.
Cost: Free
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Thank you to The Stout Trust, proudly managed by Perpetual Guardian for supporting this project.