Sustainable Life: Design Workshop

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Join Kaipātiki Project and Nomadic Permaculture online, for this unique Sustainable Life Mapping Workshop.

This workshop is about positive actions and how you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Led by Permaculture expert Dan de Klerk, you'll discover new ways of looking at sustainable living practices and learn the impact of each new lifestyle decision you make. In 90 minutes, you will be guided in mapping out a personalized path that aligns with your unique approach to life.  


Course Content:

  1. Where We Are Now
    • (the state of the earth)
    • planetary boundaries
  2. Where You Are Now
    • (your impact on earth)
    • personal scorecard
  3. Our Compass
    • (key decision-making information)
    • UN sustainable development goals
    • doughnut economics
    • certifications
    • living examples
  4. Your Roadmap
    • (what steps you can take)
    • scorecard goals
    • bridging gaps


  • Live presentation, online.
  • Over 20 slides where concepts are explained with diagrams and other visual cues to aid in learning. Slides are available to participants post-workshop.
  • Includes a practical 'mapping' exercise.
  • Includes a live Q&A session.



10% of your ticket cost goes directly to Kaipātiki Project as a donation, enabling the team to deliver more incredible mahi toward community sustainability, local climate resilience and climate mitigation.





Cost: FREE
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For nature, for mauri, for people

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