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A month-long series of events: 20 Mar - 18 Apr

This annual community festival is filled with environmental events, activities, workshops and sustainable living actions. We aim to offer a diverse month-long, interactive and educational platform for people, families and other communities to feel re-connected to their nature and our environment as a whole. At the same time, EcoMatters is hosting EcoFest West, and together we are creating Auckland's biggest environmental festival, EcoFest!

With the festival coming to an end, we are so grateful to all involved, for being part of it, to share your knowledge and passion and to contribute to inspiring people to share in nature’s revival and living lightly on this planet.  

In addition to 67 events and workshops that we collectively offered to the Auckland North community to join in, we also attracted thousands of people to connect with the festival online and in-person. In addition to learning new skills and having fun, we hope that there will be little changes that we all make to create a better future.