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Composting is the cornerstone of building healthy, nutrient-rich soil. By diverting food scraps from landfill and turning it into nutrient-dense compost, we not only reduce waste but also enrich our soil.  Join us in this transformative journey toward stronger, more fertile soil that fosters healthier plant life, sequesters carbon, and contributes to a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem. 

Why composting matters

Reduce landfill waste, increase biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce soil erosion, improve soil quality, reduce need for chemicals, conserves water, improves water quality

Community compost hubs

Compost with us and drop off your food scraps at our hub.

Don't have the space, but want to compost? Join our hub below that's closest to you and you'll receive all the details. We are in Birkdale and Hobsonville Point, and regularly on-site or you can contact Judith at [email protected].

We run two hubs, Kaipātiki and Hobsonville Community Compost Hub.

  • We take bokashied food scraps and offer free composting workshops through Compost Collective.
  • Bokashi food scraps can be dropped off anytime into our drop-off bin by people who signed up with us.
  • The bins are regularly emptied into the composters.
Compost Collective

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The Compost Collective is a collaboration between Kaipātiki Project and EcoMatters Environment Trust enabled by the Auckland Council funding.

With the help of a team of keen composting tutors, we offer FREE home composting courses about worm farming, bokashi buckets & traditional composting bins, all around Auckland.

The courses encourage people to minimise their waste and turn their food scraps into living compost for the garden. Discounts on a composting system that best suits your needs are up for grabs!

Bokashi composting workshop in Hobsonville, Auckland
Auckland Council food scraps

 Auckland Council is committed to diverting thousands of tonnes of food scraps away from landfills each year, transforming them into valuable resources like clean energy and liquid fertiliser.

To achieve this goal, we partnered with Auckland Council to encourage everyone to keep their food scraps out of the rubbish. The optimal solution is composting at home or a local Compost Hub. For added convenience, residents can place their food scraps in the Auckland Council bin, ensuring weekly collection.

Complement with compost

If you already compost or Bokashi then this is a smart addition to the good mahi you’re doing. There are food scraps that can’t go into your compost and, now, you’ll be able to put them into your food scraps bin for collection on bin day.

Chopping food and placing scraps in compost bin in kitchen
Composting options flow chart

There are plenty of eco-friendly ways you can dispose of your food scraps. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Eat your leftovers and share surplus
  2. An ideal destination for the uncooked stuff: Home composting
  3. Cooked food that’s gone off: Start a bokashi 
  4. No space for compost heap and bokashi doesn't appeal: Auckland Council’s new food scraps collection service 

Composting options flowchart - for more info contact us

Flowchart available in Mandarin | 流程图提供中文版

Collectively, we make a difference

In Auckland, 45% of our household rubbish is organic waste, such as food scraps and garden waste. This means that around 100,000 tonnes of organic waste gets sent into landfill each year where it remains forever. Join a free course, start composting and turn these startling statistics around!

Read our stories below to get inspired.

Kia ora and thank you to our partners!

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