Video series about native plants

tihei-taio-videoIntroducing Tihei Taiao a new series that focuses on different tipu in our taiao. The 3 kaitiaki sharing their taiao knowledge are Riki Bennett, Graeme Atkins and Tame Malcolm. Explore what our tipuna used them for, their kai or Rongoa uses and how to identify them.

20+ Inspiring and Free Gardening Documentaries

Teaching garden coordinator role

Here are some inspiring gardens and gardeners, as well as some older documentaries that are hard to find, but packed with absolutely wonderful gardening information. 

Film - 2040 | Free Livestream 


Auckland Libraries and Kaipātiki Project are pleased to offer the Livestream of "Film 2040" - a documentary by French filmmaker Damon Gameau who travels the world in search of new approaches and solutions to climate change. Click here to livestream "2040" via Beamafilm and use your library membership card. 

Nature Documentaries - There are some fantastic Nature and Environment documentaries available through Beamafilm videos on the Auckland Libraries website, and a number of the docos have local content. Gaining free streaming access to these docos with an Auckland Libraries membership is easy. If you don't have a library card, you will still be able to sign up to Auckland Libraries and get a membership number. More details will also be posted on the Glenfield Library Facebook page.

Environmental Film FestivalAs the annual environmental film festival in Washington DC got canceled, the organizers have put about 80 films online, almost all of them free access for a limited time. A great resource for those sheltering, watch them here.

Get Close & Personal with Your Environment - Sara Kulins is a young enthusiast who is sharing her passion about the great outdoors and here she shares one of her first 'educational' videos, also part of her job at MERC (as an educator and National Coordinator for Seaweek), and in this video, she is encouraging people to interact with the outdoors and seek out adventure in their 'backyard'. Follow Sara's Facebook page.

Sustainable Food Videos by Pacific Vision Aotearoa

  • Healthy Soil = Healthy Kai: In this video we acknowledge the papa’anga, the whakapapa, the many layers that is part of the soil in our bucket garden. A journey of time, and of many hands who helped transform our food scraps into ‘super food’!
  • Grow 2 Share - Fast Food in a Bucket: How to grow food in a bucket 

Children’s corner

 Ti Hey Taiao

tihei-taioA series of animated Te Reo Māori stories for children. It is for tamariki and whānau and is an opportunity to access te reo Māori and kaupapa Māori stories online.   

Upcycle Tutorials by ReCreators - Short video tutorials for kids and the whole family to learn how to sew a pillow, make a T-shirt yarn or sewing kit and many more upcycling tips. Follow them on Facebook to watch more videos.

Check out Wild Eyes: Nature Missions for Kiwi Kids - Learn nature ninja skills, get crafty, hunt poo and discover amazing stuff outdoors.

A gift from Pacific Ink

Find hidden animals and colour them. Colouring is a great activity for everyone. Download the image

Activities to Live Lightly


Grounding for the Soul 

Shamanic Journey

Alyse Young: "I am delighted to share my Grounding Exercise which I started with everyone at the recent Shamanic Journey on the opening day of the EcoFest North. This is a very potent exercise to practise, it's simple and immediate, bringing all of your energy back into your body and Being. We are born sensory beings, therefore, we are naturally sensitive because we are naturally "connected to everything", not just other people but all living matter, including trees, animals, rocks, & the elements. Grounding Exercise for Embodying Your Energy.

Chakra Mantras by Uttarkashi - This album is a guided mantra practice that will create sound vibrations that have a relaxing and healing effect on all four aspects of our being. They calm the mind, creating peace, tranquility and stillness, hence create space for energy to rise. Listen to the album via Spofity or Apple.