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The Compost Collective is a collaboration between Kaipātiki Project and EcoMatters Environment Trust enabled by the Auckland Council funding.

With help of a team of keen composting tutors, we offer FREE home composting courses about worm farming, bokashi buckets & traditional composting bins. 

The purpose of these courses is to encourage people to minimise their waste; ideally turning it into useful compost to be used in your garden. The courses are available to households in the wider Auckland region. Discounts on a composting system that best suits your needs are up for grabs!

Our impact to-date

In Auckland, 50% of our household rubbish is organic waste, such as food scraps and garden waste. Currently, this means that over 120,000 tonnes of organic waste gets sent into landfill each year where it remains forever. Join a free course, start composting and turn these startling statistics around! 

Compost Collective impact

Join us to learn how easy it is to compost your food scraps and garden waste and let’s look forward to a zero waste future Auckland together.

Thank you to our funders and partners!

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