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The aim of Network North is to build the capacity and impact of organisations doing sustainability work in North Auckland.


Zero Waste - Restoration - Carbon Footprint - Energy - Food - Water - Infrastructure - Transport - Wellness - Community - Climate Action



Many organisations working in the sustainability space in North Auckland are working towards similar goals or within overlapping localities. There is also overlap of resources needed, skills needed and even funding applications. These overlaps present both opportunities and threats to our collective capacity and impact in the region.

Network North aims to foster communication and catalyze real collaboration, so that where there are overlaps we all can minimise threats and maximise opportunities.

There is also so much support, wisdom and knowledge to be shared between organisations, that we could all surely benefit from.

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Kaipātiki Project is arranging and participating in a series of Network North events, with an aim to benefit us all and to be collectively steered by us all - the attending participants. We propose that the events would loosely fall into three categories: Learn, Connect and Create.


Workshops and presentations will be hosted by participants, and in some cases by external guest speakers to share knowledge and skills. The topics and formats of these events will be chosen collectively by all participants.


Networking and collaboration events will be hosted, where participants will be able to map out their overlaps, connect with the appropriate people, and open the doors to a real collaboration.


We want Network North itself to be a collaboration. All participants should steer the project as we collectively decide on how it can create the most value for all involved. "Create" events are about putting time into making this a true collaboration and also, creating a future for Network North beyond its first year.

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Layout for the Year

1. In-person and online events.

2. Learn, connect and create type events.

3. One event every First Thursday of the month, April 2022 - December 2022.


History of Network North

Enviro North Hui 2019

The discussion which has led to the activation of Network North began in 2019 at the Enviro North Hui. The outcomes of the event were: 1. Sharing of environmental work across the region 2. Raising the visibility of what was happening in the region 3. Identifying what was successful 4. Shared priority of the problems and next steps 5. Discussed avenues for future collaborations.

Pestival North 2021 (concept)

This event was aimed to extend the outcomes and address opportunities raised in 2019. What came out of the concept was a survey sent to environmental organisations across Auckland’s North Districts. The survey further homed in on how a networking series might serve the organisations. Further progress was disrupted by COVID and the project has been renamed to Network North and the closing deadline was extended until end-2022.


Work in Progress

Network North is a truly collaborative endeavour that the Kaipātiki Project will be co-steering along with all attending participants throughout the year. This means that the direction and the content covered in this series will be based on the desires and the collective decisions of all participants. This means too that Network North is a work in progress, and so is this landing page. We will keep updating it as the events unfold.

See details from our first event: Building Blocks

See details from our second event: Behaviour Change

This project is funded by:Auckland Council logo ecofest north 2020

Events happen on the

First Thursday of each month

Vote for your preferred time of day for these events.

Join our WhatsApp group for quick questions and chat.



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