EcoFest: April Gardening Guide | 四月种植指南

Event by: Auckland Council

Languages: Mandarin

April is here, and the long-lost rainfall has revitalised the garden that has been dry all summer. This workshop will discuss what vegetables can be planted, the care of fruit trees, the flower garden, lawns, hedges, and potted plants. Presented by Ben Zhang.

四月到了,久违的降雨让整个夏天都干涸的花园焕发了生机。 夜晚的气温变凉了,草坪也终于恢复了往日的绿色。 植物都长出了新枝、新叶,一切都生机勃勃。 田里的作物需要换种,本月需要种植春季球茎,草坪需要修复,斐济果收获的季节到了.



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No registration needed.


Cost: FREE
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