EcoFest North - Backyard Actions

We are adapting to change and taking EcoFest North into our Backyards.

EcoFest North is here to support you moving towards making an impressionable start to real change, and let’s start in our own backyard.  EcoFest North now continues its month-long festival by providing you with ideas for Backyard actions, perspectives and guidance to help you immerse into a new way of living lightly on this Earth.   One small step at a time... for a new planet and mankind!

Our presenters are pleased to share their knowledge via online videos/audio to help you feel connected and inspired.  We hope that you will immerse yourself into the experiences offered, something new and different for a better place, your well-being and the well-being of the environment. 

Share any interesting reads, sustainable events, tutorials or videos that you are happy to share with our community here.

Thank you for joining us!

Free resources

Film - 2040 | Free LivestreamAuckland Libraries and Kaipātiki Project are pleased to offer the Livestream of "Film 2040" - a documentary by French filmmaker Damon Gameau who travels the world in search of new approaches and solutions to climate change. Click here to livestream "2040" via Beamafilm and use your library membership card. 

Nature Documentaries - There are some fantastic Nature and Environment documentaries available through Beamafilm videos on the Auckland Libraries website, and a number of the docos have local content. Gaining free streaming access to these docos with an Auckland Libraries membership is easy. If you don't have a library card, you will still be able to sign up to Auckland Libraries and get a membership number. More details will also be posted on the Glenfield Library Facebook page.

for kidsUpcycle Tutorials by ReCreators - Short video tutorials for kids and the whole family to learn how to sew a pillow, make a T-shirt yarn or sewing kit and many more upcycling tips. Follow them on Facebook to watch more videos.

Wooden Robots

A woodworking project for parents and kids to work on together. You may have wood offcuts from previous home improvement projects or neglected wooden furniture that you can disassemble and transform into something else.

Posted by The ReCreators on Monday, 30 March 2020

Sustainable Living Recipes by Oak and Thistle - Follow their Facebook page to view new recipes for fermentation, conservation and everyday cooking tips. This season is the busiest time of year for preserving fruit, berries & vegetables & great chance to learn some new ways from the professional. Julie is a tutor, author and columnist who is passionate about living sustainably in Auckland’s urban environment.

Online Training Courses with Department of ConservationExpand your knowledge with these free courses ranging from bird identification, biosecurity, wildlife and more.

Get Close & Personal with You Environment - Sara Kulins is a young enthusiast who is sharing her passion about the great outdoors and here she shares one of her first 'educational' videos, also part of her job at MERC (as an educator and National Coordinator for Seaweek), and in this video, she is encouraging people to interact with the outdoors and seek out adventure in their 'backyard'. Follow Sara's Facebook page.

Check out Wild Eyes: Nature Missions for Kiwi Kids - Learn nature ninja skills, get crafty, hunt poo and discover amazing stuff outdoors.

Sustainable Food Videos by Pacific Vision Aotearoa


Suggested activities

Revive Nature

  • Adopt a spot and release some native plants (weed around the base of the plant)
  • Check some traps that you know of and are close to your home
  • Pot up native seedlings popping up in your garden to plant them later this year or next year
  • Take a bucket or a bag for a walk and do a mini beach, reserve or stream clean-up
  • Record bird sightings with eBird
  • Record wildlife and plants you see in iNaturalist, a free online social network of people sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature and identify species

Live Lightly

  • Learn about composting with Compost Collective. How about using your eggshells to start new seedlings?
  • Organise your wardrobe and turn unwanted items into something new with Re-Creators or check out Pinterest 


 Interesting reads


Wellbeing links

Grounding for the Soul - Alyse Young: "I am delighted to share my Grounding Exercise which I started with everyone at the recent Shamanic Journey on the opening day of the EcoFest North. This is a very potent exercise to practise, it's simple and immediate, bringing all of your energy back into your body and Being. We are born sensory beings, therefore, we are naturally sensitive because we are naturally "connected to everything", not just other people but all living matter, including trees, animals, rocks, & the elements. Grounding Exercise for Embodying Your Energy.

Shamanic Journey

Chakra Mantras by Uttarkashi - This album is a guided mantra practice that will create sound vibrations that have a relaxing and healing effect on all four aspects of our being. They calm the mind, creating peace, tranquility and stillness, hence create space for energy to rise. Listen to the album via Spofity or Apple

Backyard Challenges


  1. Share a PHOTO on Facebook or Instagram doing one of the sustainable actions,
  2. Add #ecofestnorth2020, and
  3. Be in to win the PRIZES from our sponsors!

The winner will be announced on 19 April 2020.

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City Nature Challenge with iNaturalist

Along with Christchurch and Dunedin, Auckland is taking part in the City Nature Challenge 2020.

From April 24–27, we will make observations of as many species as we can from the Auckland District and upload them to iNaturalist.

Join thousands of people from around the world and get outside to look for nature in your backyard!