EcoFest 101 Host Webinar

EcoFest is the one month in the year where we invite our communities in to celebrate our unique environment with us in a big way and to share in our vision for a greener tomorrow!

If you’d like to be part of EcoFest 2024, consider hosting your own EcoFest event. If you already have a sustainability-focused event planned for this year, why not align your dates with EcoFest (15 March – 14 April) and take advantage of the free publicity and assistance offered by us during this month-long festival?

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EcoFest 101 Host Webinar

We’ll be hosting a live webinar for hosts (and for those still on the fence or curious about hosting) on January the 18th at lunchtime. We'll go over what EcoFest is all about, what it means to host an EcoFest event, what we can offer with regards to assistance, and how you can prepare, promote and deliver an amazing event with us this year!

Cost: FREE
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About hosting:

In case you didn’t know, EcoFest is a month-long series of events across different Auckland locations, hosted by many different people. Almost anyone can host an EcoFest event. EcoFest Hosts can be individuals, groups, organisations, or businesses who are passionate about sustainability and active in their community, or active in their sustainable lifestyle journey at home. Whether it is small actions or big, these hosts have something to share, and they are what makes EcoFest the uniquely diverse gem that it is… personal and impactful. So, if you have something to share, consider hosting an EcoFest 2024 event with us!


Here is a brief list of suggestions and possibilities based on previous years:

  • Cooking with leftovers workshop (Foodies’ Fix)
  • Community Bike Lane ride (Clean Transport)
  • Using reusable nappies (Conscious Living)
  • Weeding bee (Explore Nature)
  • Beach clean-up (Explore Nature/ Conscious Living)
  • How to grow your own food (Conscious living)
  • Climate change and policy talk (Conscious Living)
  • Enviro-movie screening (Explore Nature)
  • Guided nature walks (Explore Nature)
  • Eco-art botanical monoprinting (Makers’ Mayhem)
  • Sustainability-themed art expo (Makers’ Mayhem)
  • And many more….

You might already be planning events related to sustainability this year, why not align the dates with EcoFest (15 March – 14 April) and gain some free exposure and assistance? Maybe your event already aligns with our dates, that’s perfect, all you need to do is fill in one simple form with your event’s key info and you will be included in EcoFest 2024.

Register you event here today: Link

Don't forget to join us at our EcoFest 101 Webinar for Hosts, on Thursday the 18th Jan at lunchtime. Click the Book Now button below to register, and have the calendar invite and zoom link sent to your inbox today!


Please spread the message:

Our dream is to engage with and to bring in all potential hosts to utilize the ecosystem that is EcoFest: all eco-warriors and green thumbs, all zero-waste gurus and green transport aficionados, all climate activists and conservationists, anyone with some story to tell, something to teach or to share, some activity to lead, or some experience to facilitate. We want you to join us. We want to help you share your message. If you are excited about EcoFest, whether you will join us as a host or as an attendee, please share this message with your networks. If you have a mailing list or newsletter, please include a message calling for EcoFest hosts and if you have social media handles, please spread the word there! We look forward to a catalytic EcoFest 2024 and can’t wait to see you there!