Experiential learning
Hands-on experience
Schools, Youth and Community Groups join us to make a difference

We believe that together, we can create a sustainable future.

We invite schools, youth and community groups to join us in our mission to enhance conservation and sustainable living skills, engage in citizen science, and make a positive impact through volunteer efforts.

Engage in Citizen Science: In collaboration with EIA Ltd and local schools, we conduct Streamcare citizen science monitoring. By participating in this initiative, you actively contribute to scientific research while supporting the NZ Water Citizens Database and NZ Freshwater Fish Database with your valuable data.

Connect with Other Organisations and Communities: Become an active participant in EcoFest, a vibrant environmental community festival. Additionally, we can guide you to like-minded networks and organisations that align with your interests and goals. Consider hosting your own event at our EcoHub, a space dedicated to fostering collaboration and environmental initiatives.

Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities: Join our community volunteering events, where you can make a tangible difference through various hands-on projects. Alternatively, you can book a private volunteer session tailored to your group's interests and availability. By volunteering, you contribute directly to environmental conservation efforts while gaining valuable experience.

Inspiring and Experienced Team: Our team of dedicated environmental experts is passionate about nurturing a love for nature and inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders. With years of experience in conservation and sustainable living, we bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and guidance to empower and support your journey.

Let's work hand in hand to inspire positive change and create a more sustainable world for generations to come.