Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve regeneration

Te Ara 1

Enrichment planting day in 2019

Starting with a blessing led by mana whenua in March, our work quickly kicked off to tackle the bamboo which had carved itself a big growing patch alongside a neglected walkway. Key to what we are doing here is the ability to do this without the use of chemicals. Beyond this being a foundational value to our restoration work; we are also wary that we're working along Awataha stream and would risk run-off.  

Te Ara 2

An early shot of the bamboo stand after initial volunteer efforts

So - how do we do it? The bamboo is cut off at the base, as close to the ground possible. After harvesting the bamboo, we have then covered the ground with a natural weed matting. The majority of the bamboo harvested has been processed into mulch at a neighbouring property then redistributed over the stand. The mulching layer (up to 40cms in some spots) continues to be topped up overtime to ensure that we maintain a good blanket to help suppress the regrowth. Yes - there is regrowth still. As part of our general activities each month, we tackle the new shoots. We have already noticed that the bamboo regrowth is not as vigorous as it was initially, and our confidence in this process is growing. 

20190730 100112

Progress aided by the Street Guardian's group

As priorities permit, we have been able to tackle a number of the other invasive weed species in the reserve. All of this work has enabled us to host a number of enrichment planting days at the Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve over 2019 including a Matariki planting day. We have continued to clear spaces in preparation for our enrichment planting days in 2020 - we hope you are able to join us for this.