Gift a tree & we'll plant it for you

Birthday? Anniversary? New baby? Special occasion?

Be thoughtful in your gifting and gift a tree and we'll take care of the rest. 

1. Order your giftWith only $10 a tree, your gift is helping the local reserves, their biodiversity and will continue to grow for many years to comeYour way of gifting also eliminates any unnecessary wrapping, packaging and transportation. THANK YOU!

2. We'll look after it: The native tree you are gifting is grown by us and will be looked after by the volunteers at our nursery until we plant it on your behalf during planting season. Sign up for our newsletter or check our website for future planting days if you'd like to join us. Please note that the planting season runs from May to September.

3. We'll send out a Gift Certificate: The person receiving your gift will be sent an email with your personalised message and a Gift Certificate. Their Gift Certificate will also be sent to you so that you can print it if you wish.

Gift a Tree Certificates



On average our volunteers handle each plant in our nursery 8 times during its propagation journey – from a seed to a mature plant ready to be planted.