Planting Calendar 2024

This year Kaipātiki Project will be hosting multiple planting days across various reserves.

The native plants that we have set aside for this planting season have been growing in our nursery, nurtured by the caring hands of our dedicated volunteers. Now it is planting season, and our trees must set their roots. Join us as we expand and strengthen our local reserves with more native plants this year. These plants will help build soil, reduce erosion, stabilise coastal and stream edges, provide habitat to local wildlife, beautify the community, and capture carbon from our atmosphere.

Sign up to events below and don’t forget to invite your friends and family!

We think that planting days are really important. If you do too, maybe you'd like to go the extra mile in helping us spread the word about our tree planting days this year? If so, please go ahead and share this page or if you can, print our poster and see if you can put it up at your local cafe or shop window.