#1 Curious Tales of Pekapeka

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Unveil the Enigmatic World of Pekapeka: New Zealand's Native Bats!


Join us for the first of a series of evening environmental talks. This first talk delves into the mysterious lives of pekapeka, our native bats, thriving right here in our Auckland reserves. Discover the efforts led by Kaipātiki Project to monitor these local bat populations and behaviors, contributing to their protection and the revival of the ecosystems essential for their survival and prosperity.

Expert Ecologist and Zoologist, Neil Henderson, will take you on an immersive journey through the secret lives of these unusual creatures. Through his captivating storytelling, you'll gain insight into the vital role these bats play in our environment and how their presence shapes the ecosystem.

Stick around at our EcoHub after the evening's talk, for stimulating conversations about ecology and environment over warm drinks and snacks.

Cost: Koha
"I didn't know that" Environmental Speaker Series

Join us at our EcoHub in Birkdale and enjoy a series of evening talks. Witness incredible stories told first-hand by local environmental practitioners, researchers and activists.

We are grateful to have some truly fascinating guests who are keen to share with us their stories and their work in the local environmental and climate space. Whether you are a nature lover, an environmental champion, curious about climate or conservation, or exploring a career in the sustainability, climate or environmental field, this series of talks will enlighten, inform and we hope, inspire you.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level, connect with like-minded people and learn about some of the vital sustainability efforts going on in our own backyard.