#5 Moa that Shape Our Ngahere

SPEAKER SERIES: Moa became extinct in Aotearoa over 500 years ago, but their presence shaped our ngahere as we know it today.

Hear from Dr Shane Wright about his most current research on the selective pressure presence of moa exerted on plant species in Aotearoa (e.g. divaricating branches & heteroblastic growth patterns).

Dr Shane Wright, a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, is the renowned biological and evolutionary scientist who was the first to crack “one of the most enduring mysteries since Charles Darwin returned from the Galapagos Islands” (quote from The Gaurdian UK). Together with Len Gilman, he has also called for re-instating indigenous names for species labelled with colonial languages. His most recent research into the co-evolution of Moa and the plants they ate is sure to fascinate.

Stick around at our EcoHub after the evening's talk, for stimulating conversations about ecology, environment and ancient birds over snacks and warm drinks.

Cost: Koha
"I didn't know that" Environmental Speaker Series


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