#6 Rythm and Kākahi

SPEAKER SERIES: Musical guest AND freshwater mussels.

Join us for our final "I didn't know that" speaker event. We'll enjoy Neil Henderson's incredible story-telling, with his focus on kākahi in Eskdale Reserve. We'll then be dazzled by our very special musical guest Nancy Howie, rocking her custom-made instruments to make this a truly unmissable finale!


Kākahi: Neil Henderson

Freshwater mussels/ Kākahi are the unlikely taonga species that have been found living in our local urban streams. Awareness and understanding of these populations is staggeringly marginal, and our team has the happy task of uncovering some of their mystery. By applying scientific methodology alongside learnings from mataurangi Māori, the regeneration team at Kaipātiki Project is gaining a deeper understanding of these important native species, and how to better protect them.


Rythm: Fathom Music

“Fathom is the brainchild of Nancy Howie, a Tāmaki Makaurau-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and maker. Her music is recorded using instruments she built in her workshop! Her projects have been featured on Radio New Zealand after a series of exhibitions around Aotearoa, and as the recipient of the Daphne Gretta Mary Stevens Community Music Scholarship, she was commissioned in 2023 to write a suite of chamber music to be played on her hand-made musical instruments. She performed this incredible set throughout winter 2023, accompanied by a series of self-directed music videos. Come and witness this rising star at our humble EcoHub on November the 7th.


Cost: Koha
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"I didn't know that" Environmental Speaker Series


Join us at our EcoHub in Birkdale and enjoy a series of evening talks. Witness incredible stories told first-hand by local environmental practitioners, researchers and activists.

We are grateful to have some truly fascinating guests who are keen to share with us their stories and their work in the local environmental and climate space. Whether you are a nature lover, an environmental champion, curious about climate or conservation, or exploring a career in the sustainability, climate or environmental field, this series of talks will enlighten, inform and we hope, inspire you.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level, connect with like-minded people and learn about some of the vital sustainability efforts going on in our own backyard.