Our City Tomorrow: Let's Talk Transport
Auckland Council is running the sessions to invite conversations about reimagining Auckland. Join in and contribute towards more sustainable transport! Bike valet parking is available.

It's been a decade since the highly influential Janette Sadik-Khan visited Auckland. That visit was a catalyst for change in the city that has seen the creation and renewal of many public spaces and improvements in cycle and walking infrastructure. But the world has changed, vision is in short supply and momentum has been lost. How can we reimagine Auckland and develop a city fit for the future? 

Janette Sadik-Khan and Rt Hon Helen Clark will be discussing the possibilities that a renewed sense of confidence in urban transformation could bring to Auckland in the next ten years. Janette will be speaking about her global experience of working with city Mayors and authorities. What lessons has she learned and what are the opportunities she sees for Auckland?

Cost: FREE
Bus vs cars 1200 900 px