Rainbow Gardening Session

Join us for a vibrant and inclusive Rainbow-Friendly Gardening Event!

From compost and container growing, to companion planting, embrace the joy of gardening with a welcoming community. Let's grow together in a garden that reflects the beauty of every color in our spectrum!

Join our Teaching Garden team for a hands on exploration of gardening, from soil to harvest. You may learn about soil health, quality composting, weeding, growing and harvesting food. Whether you’re an experienced green thumb or wanting to give gardening a go, there will be something fun and plenty to learn for everyone.


We recommend wearing closed toed shoes, and bringing a water bottle, hat and sunscreen on the day.

Learn through action, make new friends and get your hands dirty!


This event is part of Birkenhead Pride 2024

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Cost: FREE
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Auckland Pride

This event is part of Auckland Pride Month, 1 - 29 Feb 2024, and aligns with Birkenhead Pride.