Living lightly on this planet


Our vision is that we are collectively reducing environmental footprint because everyone regularly:

  • refuses, reduces, reuses, repairs, recovers and rethinks rather than consumes new items, and
  • meets their food needs from local sources

To support our vision, we are involved in many initiatives driving the change.

Recycle used curtains with us to help others

Kaipātiki Project is operating as a curtain collection point for Habitat For Humanity, Northern Region. To instill a second life to your pre-loved curtains, just bring them down and place them in the designated bins at our centre at 17 Lauderdale Road, Birkdale. Please note: We cannot take blinds – roman blinds or venetian blinds – just curtains. Your old curtains will be cleaned, adjusted where needed and provided to low-income families to help keep their houses warm.

Learn to compost with Compost Collective

With help of a team of keen composting tutors, we offer FREE home composting courses about worm farming, bokashi buckets & traditional composting bins. 

The Compost Collective is a collaboration between Kaipātiki Project and EcoMatters Environment Trust enabled by the Auckland Council funding. Read more.

Recycle EcoStore bottles with us200916 EcoStore LR

EcoStore started collecting and recycling their own bottles, and we are one of the collection points. Bring in you empty EcoStore bottles to our our centre at 17 Lauderdale Road during the week 9am - 3pm and drop them off. Please note that this is only for EcoStore bottles, no other brands. Thank you!