Communications and Marketing Part One

Thank you to everyone who attended the Communications and Marketing discussion, and added value with your contributions.


Our discussion centred around four topics:


1. Using social media effectively

  • Meta Business Suite: planning your posts, shows best time to post
  • LinkTree website: used for links to website (e.g. for Instagram where it says ‘link in bio’)
  • Hashtags not as important anymore. Don’t need more than 3 of them, use them consistently and make them very targeted to what you do
  • Using ‘Save’ folder for other posts to reshares at a later date
  • TikTok – one of the most popular platforms to reach young audience
  • Need to capture your audience withing the first 2 seconds
  • Need to upgrade Google Analytics to GA4 by next year as the current Google Analytics will be discontinued


 2. How to communicate with a superdiversity of cultures

  • Create key messages for each group to get the tone right and address their specific interests & needs
  • Develop key messages by talking to these groups
  • Can Compost Collective facilitators help with comms for different groups as they come from different ethnicities and cultures


3. Marketing hacks

  • Useful tools and platforms:
    • Canva: design platform
      • Great for design, photos, creating designs for social media and sharing directly
      • Can set up Brand colours, save photos and images that you reuse often to help with brand look & feel
      • NFP can receive Professional version for free
    • Restor restoration platform to capture geo areas of work and impact
    • Eye Dropper: can install it to Chrome toolbar to always match the colours to your brand colours
    • Google Ads Grant for NFP: opportunity to get $10,000 monthly towards google ad spend


4. Collaboration opportunities within Network North

  • Create a shared Google Drive folder to share resources – check with Keith from PFK if there’s the one still available that’s been used in the past
  • Opportunities:
    • Janet from KP offered to run Peer-Mentoring sessions
    • Ask Nick from Glenfield Library if he can run a session on editing videos and taking photos
  • Marketing Strategy templates:
    • Share what works for you
  • Next workshop:
    • Agree on 3 hashtags we all use to elevate our work in the region
    • Create joint campaign and test collaboration process


The group was small, so we were able to go quite deep into each topic. Two participants guided the group through their established social media handles, giving us details about their approach, focus areas, resources and tools that they use, as well as hacks to grow and engage their audience. At the end of the session, we were able to look through and give constructive feedback to a participant's new social media profile. A number of general "marketing hacks" were shared (including this channels flowchart pdf) and we discussed ways to approach communication across superdiverse cultures.


View the Jamboard which guided the discussion.


Finally, we spoke about ways that we could collaborate. We found that there are many ways that we can begin to collaborate, and we landed on the idea that we would join together to co-create one brief campaign, as a pilot and starting point to further collaboration.

This collaboration concept became the focus of the following event, Communications and Marketing Part II.


-posted on the 30/08/2022


Communications and Marketing Part Two


Thank you to everyone who attended the Communications and Marketing co-creation session.


This event came about as a direct product of the previous Marketing and Communications discussion. The aim for this event was to co-create a shared media campaign. We had a productive meeting and were able to decide on the key elements of the campaign and create a run sheet of tasks, along with assigned due dates.

Read about the co-creation session and the in-progress campaign HERE. 

If you would like to be involved in this campaign, please join our Shared Media Campaign whatsapp group.



-posted on the 06/09/2022


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Communications and marketing part two event image 







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