Invite: Join us for the third Network North event, focussing on Funding and Income.


Network North aims to be a truly collaborative endeavour. That’s why for the first event, we connected face to face and as a group we identified topics of high value and mutual interest for the work we are doing in the environmental sector. During our second event we co-created an event plan for Funding and Income, a popular topic that was identified during our first building blocks event.


Part One: Funding & Income

2 June 2022

13:30 - 14:30

This event will draw on the collective knowledge of the group and aims to speak to three of the key concepts related to Income and Funding which were raised during previous co-creation sessions. The three topics are:

How to support smaller groups and organisations seeking funding;

Sustainable alternatives to funding and;

Creating a collective advocacy out of Network North.


Part Two: Co-Create Session

2 June 2022

14:30 - 15:00

We aim to continue the collaborative efforts of Network North by including a co-creation session at the end of this event. After the Funding and Income event, we invite you to stay on and to collectively envision what our future Funding and Income event may look like.


You are welcome to attend one or both parts: *Income and Funding and/or co-create session.

Please forward your email invite or a link to this page to anyone who you believe should be included in these events, thank you.



Goals of the event:

1. Participants should walk away from this event with new ideas for alternative incomes.

2. Participants should walk away with an understanding of the "toolkits" which will be made available to enable further collaboration.

2. Co-create a vision and plan for what our future event, about Working with Volunteers, may include.



Thursday, 2nd of June

13:30 - 15:00





Our hope is to draw on the collective wisdom and experiences of the group for our Funding and Income event. One of the topics for this event is "Alternative Incomes". We're calling on you to send through your stories of ways that you have generated income for your organisation, or found alternatives to the traditional funding application approach. All stories would be welcomed: stories of success and of shortcomings are equally valuable.


Please send us your stories.

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