All done! Reflecting on the event...

Thank you to everyone who attended the Funding and Income discussion, and added value with your contributions.


Funding and Income Discussion

This event involved a structured discussion between participants around Funding opportunities and Income alternatives. Ideas and success stories for alternative incomes were shared and discussed, with many new ideas and solutions offered and found. The group was able to hone in on real opportunities for collaboration that have the potential to create synergy and increase mutual capacity. Some of these connections have been taken beyond the event and continue to be built upon directly between participants.

Audio & Notes from the Event

Click here to listen to the event audio. Below is an overview of the generated ideas:2 v3Resources & Shared links:

  • Conservation Auckland funding opportunities
  • Exult Funding Calendar & Resources
  • Comms Collective where you can apply for comms expert volunteers
  • Uploading events to OurAuckland as they get shared across the platforms
  • Weave is a collaboration of 8 family foundations. They accept Expressions of Interest and actively seek out collaborative initiatives instead of requiring a formal application
  • The Restoration Guide is coming out by Auckland Council. It will provide good quality guidance to the community on how to engage with iwi and perhaps even how could potentially approach a joint up approach

Callouts for collaboration:

  • Contact Keith (PFK): The Environmental Weed Coalition is keen to pursue collaborative work to share development costs of rolling out projects and developing web apps. At PFK we are finding the CAMS GIS is letting us optimise the development of team project activities that can be integrated on a shared map. If more groups want to undertake pest weed competitions with Sustainable Schools, CAMS GIS will allow a good tool to leverage the core work across Auckland.
  • Contact Annie (PFK): Looking for ideas for collaborative funding to engage council in a collective conversation on the cost of annual funding rounds as opposed to 3 year funding.  PFK would be happy to progress a collective conversation. 
  • There’s an opportunity for collaboration and involvement in Motutapu volunteer opportunities here.

The next event "Working with Volunteers" is scheduled for 7 July and the details will be sent out closer to the time. Discussions on the evening revealed a strong desire among participants to meet in person for the next event.

-posted on the 06/06/2022

This event occurred on the 2nd of June 2022. Thanks to all who participated! Please find a brief reflection on the event beneath this invite. 


Invite: Join us for the third Network North event, focussing on Funding and Income.

Network North aims to be a truly collaborative endeavour. That’s why for the first event, we connected face to face and as a group, we identified topics of high value and mutual interest for the work we are doing in the environmental sector. During our second event, we co-created an event plan for Funding and Income, a popular topic that was identified during our first building blocks event.

Event background

2 June 2022, 1:30pm - 3pm

Online on ZOOM:

This event to draw on the collective knowledge of the group and aims to speak to the following key concepts related to Income and Funding which were raised during previous co-creation sessions:

  • Successful examples of Revenue Sources & Alternatives: Group sharing & building a comprehensive toolbox to diversify income
  • Collaborative Approaches to Funding
  • Q&A session: Collective knowledge to help each other

Our hope is to draw on the collective wisdom and experiences of the group for our Funding & Income event. We're calling on you to send through your stories of ways that you have generated income for your organisation or found alternatives to the traditional funding application approach. All stories are welcomed: stories of success and of shortcomings are equally valuable.

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