Why native plants

Restore native plant habitatKaipatiki Project native plants

  • Even though threatened native plants tend to fly under the radar, they are still under threat
  • By planting native plants, you are preserving biodiversity
  • By choosing natives, you are promoting stewardship of our natural heritage

Support native wildlife & balance NZ ecosystem

  • Our native wildlife is under threat due to loss of habitat through urban development
  • When their habitats are restored, they can pollinate flowers, help control pests and increase biodiversity

Eco-sourced plants guidelines

  • Auckland Unitary Plan Guidelines specify to source plants from the Ecological District (i.e. eco-sourcing)
  • Eco-sourced plants survive and adapt better to local conditions
  • Plants of the same species but sourced from different localities vary in characteristics, including growth rate and tolerance of environmental conditions


We specialise in 50+ bulk orders and can grow to order to suit your needs. We require a minimum of 12 months’ notice for your order, but two-three years notice is best.

Our plants are in high demand, so it is worth checking availability. Download our PRICE LIST.

Email [email protected] or phone 027 525 0877 with your needs and to get a quote. 

Why Kaipātiki Project

High quality productHoupara

  • Thriving native plant nursery growing 30,000+ plants a year
  • All plants grown from eco-sourced seeds from the Tamaki Ecological District
  • Chemical-free nursery
  • Great diversity of plants (90+ species) to ensure plants will thrive in an ecosystem of plants
  • Product offering: trees, shrubs, ground cover, grasses, harakeke, ferns, climbers and palms. We also carry species suitable for home gardens and schools

Exceptional serviceKahikatea detail

  • Time taken to understand your circumstances and consult on what’s best for your situation
  • Breath, depth and diversity of knowledge: ecological, pest management, edibles, nursery management expertise
  • Complementary consultation ensuring you get the right plant for the right situation
  • Rich information base we are prepared to share
  • Planting advice to help you achieve what you’re looking for (e.g. we know what plants attract birds or bees, the size and shape they grow to) and help your plants thrive
  • Every plant comes with a story of its journey

Community supportAke ake dodonaeva viscosa detail v2

  • We’re a social enterprise, so all profits are put back into the nursery, our education, volunteering programmes and environment initiatives
  • Supporting a community driven nursery that works with a number of local volunteers
  • Exercising corporate social responsibility and enabling our charity to continue its work
  • Contributing towards restoration of local reserves

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