All done! Reflecting on the event...


Thank you to everyone who attended the Behaviour Change workshop and to those helped in co-creating a future session about Funding & Income.


Part one: Behaviour Change Workshop

This practical workshop was designed and presented by Cole Armstrong and Suzi Goodwin from NeuroSpot, an Auckland-based behavioural insights agency. The workshop was tailored to the Network North group, with participants bringing their own behaviour change projects in to consider and to work on during the event.


For those interested in applying behaviour change tactics in your work, take a look at the following PDF resources which have been made available by Neurospot and Auckland Council:



Designing for Behaviour Change - network north presentation

Designing for Behaviour Change – choice architecture


Auckland Council:

Behaviour Change - network north presentation with links to resources



Don't Mess With Texas Case Study

Green Nudges report - UN


Part Two: Co-Create Session for Funding & Income

Many participants stayed on for the co-create session. We used Google Jamboards to facilitate collaboration, and referred to the questions, ideas and comments captured during our first NN event, Building Blocks, to guide the discussion.

The key theme which came across during the co-create session was the desire to collaborate more: to map out ways to reduce competition between environmental organisations going after similar funding, to develop a collective advocate for enviro groups’ funding, and to find ways to support smaller groups. We hope to create an event which answers to this.


The next event (not necessarily on Funding and Income) is scheduled for 2 June and the details will be sent out closer to the time.


Discussions on the evening brought about more ideas on how to build on Network North:


  • Meeting time: To ensure the time of these events suit most people, can you please vote for your preferred time of day. Click here to vote online.
  • WhatsApp group: To better connect with each other for quick questions, sharing resources, asking for advice etc. in a less formal way, it’s been proposed to start a WhatsApp group. To join click here or email us your mobile number to be added to the group.

-posted on the 10/05/2022


This event occurred on the 5th of May 2022. Thanks to all who participated! Please find a brief reflection on the event beneath this invite. 



Invite: Join us for the second Network North event, and learn how to use behaviour change techniques.


Network North aims to be a truly collaborative endeavour. That’s why for the first event, we connected face to face and as a group we identified topics of high value and mutual interest for the work we are doing in the environmental sector. It's no surprise that behaviour change was one of those topics on the top of our collective list. Our next event will be made up of two parts, a Behaviour Change workshop and a Co-Create session.


Part One: Behaviour Change

5 May 2022

4pm - 5:15pm

We are lucky to have behaviour change experts, Cole Armstrong of Neurospot as a guest speaker for this event. He and Suzi Goodwin (also Neurospot) have designed a presentation tailored to our group, based on the questions and ideas recorded during our first Network North event, Building Blocks.

*Find prompt questions at the bottom of the page.


Part Two: Co-Create Session

5 May 2022

5:15pm - 5:45pm

We aim to continue the collaborative efforts of Network North by including a co-creation session at the end of this event. After the behaviour change workshop, we invite you to stay on and to collectively envision what our future Funding and Income event may look like.


You are welcome to attend one or both parts: behaviour change and/or co-create session.

Please forward your email invite or a link to this page to anyone who you believe should be included in these events, thank you.



Goals of the event:

1. Participants should walk away from this event with a practical understanding of how to apply behaviour change theory and techniques, to increase the impact of their work in the environmental field.

2. Co-create a vision and plan for what our future event, about Funding and Income, may include.



Thursday, 5th of May

4pm - 5:45pm






*Prompt Questions for Behaviour Change workshop:


To make this behaviour change workshop as valuable as possible, the good people at Neurospot have recommended that you consider answers to the prompts below. This will make the lessons on the day much clearer, and provide you with direction and a starting point to hit the ground running:


  • What behaviour am I wanting to change?

(e.g. increasing volunteer numbers, donations received, changing consumer habits at home)

  • Whose behaviour am I wanting to change?

(Who is your target? What characteristics do they have? What are their motivations, goals, desires? What do they do on weekends?)

  • What's in it for the user to make this change? What's their motivation – and what competing motivations do they hold?

(e.g. Feel good factor, making a real difference, learning a new skill, etc or I could spend this time doing something else instead)

  • What are the barriers for the user to make this change?

(e.g. I'd need to invest $$$ to do this, is it worth it?)

  • Where does the behaviour need to occur (i.e. what’s the context)?

(e.g. does it occur at home or at work? What time of day does it occur?)


Behaviour Change time with details



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